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Welcome! My name is Ginny and I am the owner of Genelle’s in Lancaster, South Carolina! My story began over 25 years ago when I took over my father’s business, Lancaster Pawn & Jewelry.

This is when I found one of the greatest loves of my life was working with jewelry and giving my customers the most personal customer service experience possible.

A few years in, I realized that my business was growing immensely and I was outgrowing my location. I felt my like my customers were wanting more…more selection, more variety, and more unique products lines and I wanted to give them exactly what they wanted. With that said, I moved into a new location and opened Lancaster Jewelers. I then was able to expand my selection and even opened a women’s clothing boutique next door after my mother’s namesake, Anna Laura’s Boutique.

Always wanting to grow and give the best to my customers, the next chapter in my story began.

On October 12, 2019, I launched all of my businesses under one name called Genelle’s.

Genelle, which is my birth name, means “God is Gracious.” God has certainly blessed me beyond measure throughout my life and upon learning the meaning of my name, I only found it fitting to name my business this.

Today, we are a full-service shop that offers not only jewelry and custom design jewelry with master jewelers on site but also gifts, custom engraving, custom embroidery, custom t-shirts, decals, women’s clothing, accessories, and footwear!

I have always felt that my business was more than just a business. To me, it’s a passion and I have always been blessed to understand that’s it’s not all about my business, it’s truly about my customers.

My staff and I strive each day to make our customers feel like part of our family and consistently surpass their expectations leaving them with the feeling of true happiness and joy after making their purchase.

Along with our social media engagement and our new and improved website, our ability to meet every need and want of you, our customer, is readily available at the touch of a hand or the click of a mouse. We value you as our customer more than you will ever know and we thank you for choosing Genelles as your store of choice!

Love & Blessings,